Best Company Act 2013

Best Company Act 2013

Introduction: Historical Context: Best Company Act 2013 Challenges and Future Outlook: Conclusion: SOURCES: FOR MORE INFORMATION:

Apply for Revocation of Suspended GST Registration

Applying for the revocation of suspended GST registration is a crucial process for businesses seeking to reinstate their GSTIN number after it has been suspended by the authorities. In this blog post, we provide a detailed guide on how to apply for the revocation of suspended GST registration, outlining the necessary steps and procedures to … Read more

3 Easy How to surrender GST registration

How to surrender GST registration

Understanding the Need for Permanent GST Closure : How to surrender GST registration Closing your GST number permanently is essential for several reasons: Steps to Permanently Close Your GST Number Login to GST Portal: Visit the GST portal ( and log in using your credentials. Submit Application: Review the details entered and submit the application … Read more

E-Way bill mandatory for below 50000?

Introduction In the realm of Indian taxation and logistics, the introduction of the Electronic Way Bill (E-Way Bill) system has been a significant step towards streamlining the movement of goods across state borders. However, there’s often confusion surrounding its applicability, particularly concerning transactions below ₹50,000. Let’s delve into the intricacies of E-Way Bill requirements and … Read more

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