What is Income Tax Notice under section 133(6)? Best way to Understand

What is Income Tax Notice under section 133(6)?

INCOME TAX NOTICE UNDER section 133(6) (ITA) pertains to the energy of income tax government to gather information for the purposes of taxation. This phase presents authority to an income tax officer to require any character to supply facts or documents applicable to a tax inquiry or processing of ITR.

Key factors to understand about this provision of section 133(6) of the INCOME Tax Act, 1961

Income Tax Notice under section 133
Income Tax Notice under section 133
  • Scope and cause: This section empowers income tax government to gather information this is relevant to any inquiry or proceeding under the income Tax Act. The information collected can be used for assessing or reassessing the income of a taxpayer, figuring out tax liability, or for some other cause associated with taxation.
  • Notice Requirement: An income tax officer, all through the path of an inquiry or intending, may problem a written notice to any individual requiring them to offer unique statistics or files. This NOTICE have to absolutely state the reason for which the information is needed.
  • COVERAGE: The segment is extensively worded, permitting the tax government to ISSUES notices to diverse styles of entities, which includes people, organizations, partnerships, and other persons who would possibly possess records applicable to the tax court cases.
  • Penalty for Non-Compliance: If someone who gets a notice under this section, failure to grant the specified statistics may additionally invite invocation of penal provisions U/S 272A(2)(c) of INCOME Tax Act, 1961. The consequences can vary from a hard and fast monetary penalty to a more significant penalty based totally on the amount of tax sought to be avoided.•      path of motion: The assessee can provide the department with requisite records and in the event that they do not have an appropriate facts, they may inform the branch concerning the identical.

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